March 2011

SUEK commissions new longwall at the 7th November mine

The relocation of 166 Tagor (Polish) roof supports, AFC and stage loader to new panel has been achieved with full schedule compliance. Such an achievement has been done due to the introduction of new effective and safe technologies. During preparation for the face transfer, Huesker Minegrid was successfully used. This special synthetic grid is made from extremely strong polyester yarn. This is the very first experience of Huesker for the Leninsk area coal mines and has been very successful. The Pettito Mule (USA) Shield remover has also demonstrated excellent capability during removal and transfer of the supports.

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Client Testimonials


“Huesker, the easiest to install, the safest to work with, proven the best in the business, time after time!”

Paul Bryan Production Superintendent, Wongawilli Colliery

“The best single safety improvement you can make on the longwall recovery process.”

Steve Wilson Longwall Superintedent, Peabody Metropolitan Colliery

“The Huesker Grid saves time and saves lives.”

Peter Vale, Production Superintendent, Xstrata Tahmoor Colliery

“Promotes safety and recovery efficiency, up to 45 supports per shift. Good as Gold.”

Keth Weise, Production Superintendent BMA Crinum Mine

“The simplest and safest insurance policy for longwall face recovery.”

Longwall Manager, West Wallsend Colliery

“Huesker is simple and quick to install and allows a safer, quicker recovery of the supports.” 

Tom Williams,  Undermanager, Centennial Mandalong Colliery

“Elouera has a friable coal roof, and the supports came off like slices of bread.”

Richard King, Longwall Manager BHP Appin Colliery