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Recent News

March 2011

SUEK commissions new longwall at the 7th November mine.

The relocation of 166 Tagor (Polish) roof supports, AFC and stage loader to new panel has been achieved with full schedule compliance. Such an achievement has been done due to the introduction of new effective and safe technologies. During preparation for the face transfer, Huesker Minegrid was successfully used. This special synthetic grid is made from extremely strong polyester yarn. This is the very first experience of Huesker for the Leninsk area coal mines and has been very successful. The Pettito Mule (USA) Shield remover has also demonstrated excellent capability during removal and transfer of the supports.

March 2010

Huesker travels in style!

When one of our overseas customers needed the Huesker Minegrid in a hurry, we were able to respond by building a special crate to fit in the cargo bay of a Boeing 747 Freighter. The job was delivered on time and the mine did not have to stand the longwall down.

Minegrid Boeing 747

In coal mining, the unexpected sometimes happens and longwall operations can hit faults, dykes and other geological problems. Sometimes the only solution is to relocate the longwall as quickly as possible.

In such “emergency” situations we are able to build and deliver a Huesker Minegrid System in less than 4 days. Such was the case in December 2008 when Oaky Creek hit a severely faulted area and asked us to build and deliver a system… as quickly as possible! The 300m Minegrid System was built in 3 days and delivered to Queensland on the fourth!

Xstrata’s West Wallsend Colliery has recently ordered their 21st Huesker Minegrid System since buying the first one back in 1997.  West Wallsend Colliery featured in our now famous underground video showing the Huesker at work. Perhaps the best part of the video was interviewing the longwall operators underground!


October 2008

HUESKER Longwall Recovery System is used by Salek Mine in Siberia (Kuzbass region)

Holding company “Siberian Business Union” was established in 2003 and today the company includes 50 enterprises operating in Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions of the Western part of Siberia. SBU holding group coal mining assets are located in Kuzbass and this is the fifth group of

coal mining companies in the Kuzbass region. In 2008 the annual coal production has achieved a level of 7.5mt. Nearly 70% of the mined coal is exported mainly to Europe, including England, France, Germany and Italy.

JSC “Salek mine” is the youngest coal mine within the group. It was opened in late 2004 and is located in the Erunakov’s coal deposit. Salek Mine is designed to produce 3mt run out of mine coal. The coal does not require any processing and has low ash and sulphur content, therefore after screening is despatched straight to the customer via railway link. Salek Mine is equipped with modern equipment including DBT longwall, Eickhoff SL500 shearer and AFC designed by H&B (Germany).

Having established such high productive longwall technology, Salek mine engineers have decided to introduce further improvement in technology to eliminate another limitations in the mine operational efficiency. It is quite normal for the local mines, for longwall transfers to take over 3 months, usually by preparing a pre-driven recovery roadway. As a result of subsequent complications with roof control during removal support, Salek mine management decided to introduce for the first time in Russian coal mining history the Huesker Longwall Recovery System, designed by Nick Wills of NBW Mining (Aust) Pty Ltd and built by Hunter Mining Methods of NSW Australia.  A 200m roll of the Huesker system was delivered to Siberia from Australia just before the longwall reached it’s final position.

The Huesker System was installed under the supervision of NBW Mining (Aust) Pty Ltd.  After a successful installation, the effectiveness of roof support removal has been improved by 30% with extremely positive safety improvements throughout the face transfer period. Mine Manager Mr. Igor Borodin was very pleased with effect of Huesker on improvement to safety and face transfer technology in general, as he commented “We are proud to be first in introduction such new technology for Russian coal mines, very satisfied with effective application of the Huesker system and already decided to purchase another Huesker for next face transfer in 2009”.

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