March 2011

SUEK commissions new longwall at the 7th November mine

The relocation of 166 Tagor (Polish) roof supports, AFC and stage loader to new panel has been achieved with full schedule compliance. Such an achievement has been done due to the introduction of new effective and safe technologies. During preparation for the face transfer, Huesker Minegrid was successfully used. This special synthetic grid is made from extremely strong polyester yarn. This is the very first experience of Huesker for the Leninsk area coal mines and has been very successful. The Pettito Mule (USA) Shield remover has also demonstrated excellent capability during removal and transfer of the supports.

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NBW Sales Map

Artic Circle Sales to the Artic Circle: NBW Mining supplies grids around the world but perhaps the most extreme environment would be Spitzbergen in the Arctic Circle. Only 700 miles from the North Pole the temperatures drop below minus 50 C in the winter. Based on the success of Huesker on the longwall recovery, Norway’s record breaking longwall signed a 5 year contract with NBW Mining.

Siberia Sales to Siberia: Through our agent in Siberia, we are now supplying this superior technology to Russia. The improvements in speed and safety have been quickly adopted by our Russian customers. Russia has some of the most difficult mining conditions in the world, but using Huesker has improved recovery times significantly, saving millions of dollars in revenue.

UK Sales to the UK:  The record breaking Daw Mill Colliery near Coventry has been using Huesker for several years on their 300m longwalls. Extracting over 4m of coal, they have severe spontaneous combustion challenges during the recovery process. The Huesker technology has helped Daw Mill reduce downtime, and improved safety standards.

South Africa Sales to South Africa: How do you pull off supports that are 5.5m high? There is only one safe method: Huesker! Matla No2 Mine have successfully relocated 6 longwalls using high strength Huesker Systems.

Australia Sales to Australia: 95% of all longwall mines in Australia use Huesker.  One or two mines have conditions that do not require such technology, but the vast majority use Huesker as the standard.  At Oaky Creek mine in Queensland, Huesker has been used on over 40 longwall recoveries.

NBW Mining has been the preferred supplier to BHP Billiton for such technology for over 7 years.